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Huntsville, AL’s Trusted Piping & Repiping Specialists

We’re ready to install new plumbing pipes or perform whole house repiping in North Alabama.

Renovating, updating, or building a home comes with many expenses and surprises. Because of this, repiping a home is often the kind of project homeowners hesitate to undertake. But if you have a home more than 40 years old, or if you’re experiencing frequent, costly leaks and other repairs, repiping could be the best—and safest—long-term solution. No matter the reason for repiping, you deserve an honest team with the expertise to make the right decision for your home. You deserve the quality work that George Plumbing has made its name on.

At George Plumbing, we use only the highest quality materials and total commitment to craftsmanship in our plumbing and piping services. If you’re adding an extension or renovating, we’re on your side to provide honest recommendations and honest work. If your home has cast iron drain lines or galvanized water lines, George Plumbing can also repipe your house using the highest quality copper. Call us today to schedule service and get an honest, upfront quote!

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Does Repiping a House Add Value?

Whole house repipe projects are almost always sound investments in homes whose plumbing is over 40 years old or made of outdated materials. They may also be necessary if you’re interested in selling your home. Drain repiping can save you thousands down the line in repairs, wasted water from leaks, and water damage. It may be time to repipe your plumbing if you have rusty water, frequent leaks or clogs, consistently low water pressure, or water that tastes or smells strange. To get a clear picture of your system’s condition, contact us for a plumbing inspection or ask about our Protection Plan!

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We’ve Made Our Name in Huntsville with Superior Service

Licensed, Insured, & Certified

George Plumbing is a name you can trust. Our plumbers are insured and licensed by the Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Exam Board.

We’re Plumbers,
Not Salesmen

George Plumbing offers premium work at a price you can afford. Our team doesn’t work off of commission, and we won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.

Upfront Pricing

George Plumbing can estimate your plumbing job and explain what work is required upfront so you will know the cost before work starts.

Versatile Experience

We’ll put our all into any job, whether it’s installing a new faucet in a home or providing skilled hydro jetting for a large commercial property.

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